What to Expect?

  • For everyone:
    from beginner to expert
  • Fully independent training
    tailored to you
  • Guides written from personal
    experience and knowledge
All our programs are custom created and based on workout principles that Savannah has used throughout her fitness journey to attain the physique she has now. Each guide contains in-depth info on how to best approach your journey and spice up your routines.
Great results
These training principles will turn your training world upside down. Small adjustments result in major performance differences. Follow the guide and experience your own physical transformation.
The Quads Bible
Train your legs with The Quads Bible. Download your e-book and maximize your quadriceps in the gym. Scientifically, you will learn everything about the development of muscle mass. You will learn to compose your own quadriceps focused workouts after completing this program. Ensuring you’re maximizing your results as of now!
The Quads Bible -
The Quads Bible

Get strong legs in 12 weeks with a clear step-by-step plan: that's The Quads Bible. Guaranteed results. Each component is scientifically supported, ensuring effectiveness.

Pancake x Booty
Not naturally blessed with curves? Or secretly prefer a little more? Join my club! With this structured plan, we'll work on your backside. All the insights will undoubtedly lead to successful results. Soon, you’ll proudly shake that booty too!
Pancake x Booty -
Pancake x Booty

Take care of your glutes and hamstrings for 16 weeks with a clear plan, based on Savannah's experience and knowledge.

Stay Fit, Train Home
Can't make it to the gym? Train in your living room! With this 8-week program, you will get fit without leaving your house. Clear instructions are provided for each training session.
Stay Fit, Train Home -
Stay Fit, Train Home

Maintain your physique while training at home. With very limited equipment (a set of dumbells and a resistance band) you can perform all the exercises in this training program, even when you’re on holiday.