The Quads Bible
Train your legs with The Quads Bible. Download your e-book and maximize your quadriceps in the gym. Scientifically, you will learn everything about the development of muscle mass. You will learn to compose your own quadriceps focused workouts after completing this program. Ensuring you’re maximizing your results as of now!

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Maximize your quads

Do you want to maximize progress on your quadriceps? Don’t look any further, you’re at the right place. The training methods and tips are invaluable.

What to expect?

  • Once purchased, your PDF e-book which will be in annex in your confirmation email. Download it and keep it forever!
  • More than 50 pages of knowledge about quads anatomy, do's & don'ts during your training, and so much more.
  • A 12-week training plan with a focus on hypertrophy.
  • 8 different workouts at different levels.
  • A detailed step by step instruction plan to correctly execute every exercise.
  • Learn to create your own workout routines

Savannah is a specialist in this field, with her guidance you will definitely achieve visible results, if you stick to the plan!