Fullbody (men) - beginner
Are you brand new to the fitness world? You don’t know which exercises work? Or how to perform them correctly? This program might be the best choice for you!

€17.99 / 1 Month
€44.99 / 3 Months
€119.99 €144.99 / 1 Year
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From beginner to more

In this program, we’ll put a huge focus on teaching you all the basic movements. Swipe through our video library and the instructional videos will help you to perform the exercises correctly. After 12 weeks and 36 workouts, your entire body will be visibly fitter.

What can you expect?

  • 3 workouts per week
  • Split: 1x lowerbody, 1x upperbody, 1x fullbody
  • +- 60 minutes per workout
  • Fullbody focus (chest included)